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We design and manufacture complete aseptic lines including deareators, with or without aroma recovery, homogenizers, heat recovery, movement systems for packages. There is the possibility of different management systems including advanced supervision systems.

Mono block for 1,5 t/h of mango puree
Plate sterilizer, 1000 lt. aseptic tank and TAF 1H/1” for concentrated grape juice 4,0 t/h
Tubular sterilizer, deareator, CAF 2H/1”, column hoist for fruit puree5 t/h
Nr. 2 parallel plants with tubular sterilizer and TAF 2H/1” and shuttle for full drums, for carrot puree 10 t/h
Sterilohm 120 kw, ohmic plant for the sterilization of sauces and vegetable soups with a neutral pH, 1,5 t/h
Mono block for tomato puree, ketchup and concentrate in 10 kg bags, 1 t/h

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