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The continued commitment to the research of new technologies for aseptic filling has lead us to produce sterilizers (SteriTherm™) and heat exchangers (AL Therm) mainly designed for this scope, but obviously suitable for thermal processing of different packed food products.

Alfa Laval Astepo designs and manufactures different types of plants, also in collaboration with ALFA LAVAL standard range of products:
  • Plate heat exchangers PHE – particularly indicated for the processing and aseptic filling of liquid or low acid products; high energy saving plants and large capacity. With the NEW ALFA FLOW (FUSION™) it is now possible to match the performances of plate with high pulp content juice.
  • Viscoline heat exchangers - particularly indicated for the processing and aseptic filling of products containing fibers, pieces or with a medium/high viscosity; hygienic plants and with low maintenance. Our range portfolio includes the VLM multitubular for nectars and juices and the VLA tubeintube for concentrates and purees.
  • DSI direct steam injection sterilizers in combination with PHE or VLM for preheating and cooling when the requirement of HTST ( High Temperature Short Time) is a quality must to preserve the characteristics of the food products. Ideal for dairy and non dairy cream products.
  • Single or double scraped surface heat exchangers and sterilizers Contherm or DSR- particularly indicated for all high viscous (pumpable) products also including particles and also thermolabile from an organoleptic point of view. Irreplaceable for products subject to big changes in viscosity following thermal treatment.
  • Batch sterilizers – particularly suitable for products containing large sized pieces; exclusive technology.


Conserves Fruit and vegetable preparations: tomato concentrate, ketchup, pizza sauce, fruit purees and concentrates, juices and nectars, fruit salads, baby foods etc..

Dairy Latte pastorizzato e UHT, panna milk shake, budini, dessert, besciamelle ecc.

(soft drinks)
Tea and various beverages, supplements, syrups such as post-mix etc..

Wine, must, rectified must etc…

Catering Continuous cooking of sauces, ragus, broth, potato, carrot or vegetable puree, etc..

Other Coffee extracts, homogenized liquid eggs, with sugar, salt etc..

SteriTherm PHE
SteriTherm VLA
SteriTherm DSI

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